Little Black Book


Who's your Fab Five?


You need five fabulous people on your team to help generate, protect, and transfer wealth.  

Financial Advisor

The best financial advisor for a woman is a woman.  Having a financial advisor that is a female means you’ll have financial guidance from someone that relates to the unique financial situations that you face as a woman.


Most people think they can’t afford to have an accountant.  Trust me you cannot afford not to have an accountant!  They will keep you in good standings with the IRS!


It’s essential to know a great lawyer.  A lawyer provides you with the legal guidance to wrap your finances in a pretty bow.  This is where you go to for advice on wills, trusts, estate planning, business structures and etc.


Your banker should be one of your best friends!  They are going to point you in the direction of where money is at and how to get it!


Surround yourself with at least one person that is stretch you to achieve GREATNESS!